Language courses for professionals

          This service offers language courses to train personnel working at companies and/or embassies. The goal is to introduce the learner to the progressive levels of the foreign language and provide him with knowledge to make him competent to assume the different tasks involved in his job position where this language is required.


In our global community, bilingual language skills are an asset to both the individual and the employer.

It means: 

  • Greater potential for job promotion
  • Participation in congresses, seminars, videoconferences in the framework of foreign companies and international organizations
  • More flexibility with business trips


  • On-site modality 
  • Remote modality (online)

In all cases from the latest methodological trends and technological trends and technological resources.



Oral communication situations: 

  • Between companies and/or embassies
  • With international organizations
  • With media
  • Reception of foreign visitors

Written communication situations:  

  • Correspondence (letter, email)
  • Papers
  • Reports
  • Articles from newspapers and specialized magazines