Spanish courses for foreigners

          This service offers Spanish courses, at varying levels, for those foreigners coming to Argentina as tourists or for cultural or professional reasons. The goal is to introduce the student to progressive levels of language and provide him with knowledge to allow him to communicate in different oral and written situations.

Program A:

Learn Spanish Now!

Theses courses, offered at CODE offices or home tutoring, are intended for: 

  • Tourists, either individually or in groups, interested in traveling to Argentina to learn Spanish in a “full immersion” setting, while also enjoying the cultural and human experience that visiting a foreign country provides.
  • People preparing to study or to begin work in Argentina or in any other Latin American country who wish to have intensive instruction as either an introduction to the language or an enhancement of their current knowledge.
  • relatives of professionals temporarily living in Argentina who want to learn Spanish to facilitate their adaptation to a new culture and environment.

Program B:

Spanish, an essential tool 

These courses, in company or home tutoring, are intended for foreign professionals who are in Argentina for temporary work or on assignment. Therefore, in a relatively short period of time, they should be able to respond to the communication demands of their company/embassy and be able to perform the tasks which require knowledge of Spanish. This course also takes into account the communication skills needed in daily situations.

Program C:

Non-barrier Spanish

These remote courses, 100% online, are taught on a virtual platform to those who want to continue learning after returning or to students who prefer to optimize their time on networks.